We are known for our streamlined international press relations. Without the need for affiliate offices, we achieve global reach from our London office, using the experience of our multilingual professionals and ensuring key messages remain consistent across all targeted countries.

Our media relations span several geographical territories, each directed by a specialist team: the UK and USA, Continental Europe, Latin America, Russia, the Middle East and Asia. Our network of press contacts is second to none and reflects the most influential and respected current media across the globe


Recognising the important role of social media in our industry and society, we offer a portfolio of digital services that are tailored to our clients’ needs. From training and consulting on social media strategy to enhancing press campaigns through digital activations, we plan, develop and distribute impactful content to create meaningful relationships and connect our clients with their target audiences. Within our digital services we produce engaging and relevant rich media content, such as video production and motion design. We also consult and administrate digital marketing strategies and website analysis.


We advise, build and run strategic corporate communication campaigns for a wide range of clients, from individuals and start-up businesses to large-scale institutions. Our objective is to support our clients in developing and articulating their vision, and reaching out to a broad community of supporters and ambassadors.


We understand the importance for our clients to reflect a strong positive image. We provide engagement strategies to help them build, maintain and reinforce their reputation via a combination of networking events, press and social media campaigns.


We have a strong track record of organising and managing large-scale press trips, attended by select critics and opinion leaders, resulting in qualitative coverage. Our trips consistently meet the highest standards thanks to the support of our travel partners and careful forward planning.


Facilitated by our extensive network of contacts, we research and identify the most creative and impactful brand and media partnerships to support our clients’ business objectives.


To create memorable events for our clients, we work with select VIP consultants based in the UK and abroad, each bringing their distinctive touch, powerful network and exceptional international VIP access. With contacts spanning the worlds of art and design, luxury, fashion, TV and cinema, our consultants deliver intimate and large-scale events, from private views, dinners, talks and conferences to major parties and launches.